Company Background

Bituprufe Sdn Bhd was set up to deal with the inadequacies and lack of skills in the building industry with dealing waterproofing in wet areas and eventually leading to all aspects of construction services in waterproofing, concrete repair and protection coatings required in the construction industry. Our company have track records of 30 years and previously was known as Bituproof Sdn Bhd.

Waterproofing becomes necessary when the foundation begins to leak or let moisture through, allowing it to deteriorate. Foundations leak for various reasons, such as; a congested weeping tile system, where the weeping tile can longer flow due a blockage of debris, soils or tree roots. Horizontal or vertical cracks in the foundation, or separation of blocks, voids where the foundation and footing meet, allow water to enter into the basement. Many foundations were never waterproofed properly during the construction process, particularly older buildings.

Bituprufe Sdn Bhd adopts the complete systems-based approach to waterproofing, concrete repair and protection coatings, combining innovative technologies with time tested products to offer reliable solutions for virtually all substructure and superstructure applications. With the support from our professional technical team of manufacturers, representatives are available to provide assistance on the use of product systems throughout every phase of a project, from design, pre-contract support to on-site support. We will work with contractors to ensure the performance of every product specified.